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Rollacosta Kalyani


Rollacosta Kalyani

Rollacosta has launched few new “Yummylicious” items for their Kalyani outlet. Team Rollacosta, Kalyani is feeling awesome to present them for all the food lovers […]

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hyderabadi biryani


Adi Hyderabad Biriyani,Kalyani, Nadia

Do you know what the overview result taken by a prestigious Indian daily paper, on the best Biryani gharana of India say? No, its not […]

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Royal Hut


Royal Hut, Kalyani, Nadia

Royal Hut Restaurant is the famous restaurant placed at Kalyani, Nadia. We have a extensive variety of style like chinese food, Indian, Tandoor, Soups and […]

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Dhakeswari Hotel & Restaurant Cum Caterer


Dhakeswri Hotel & Restaurant Cum Caterer,Kalyani, Nadia

Restaurant at Kalyani, Nadia, we Spice Valley Restaurant furnish most trendy dishes for meals loving individuals. We knew as first-class food connoisseurs and best Restaurant […]

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Irie Guest House & Youth Hostel


Irie (Guest House, Youth Hostel & Resturants), Kalyani

Irie (Guest House, Youth Hostel & Resturants) Irie Vodafone mini retailer : Vodafone related all provider disorders, new post paid & prepaid as you go […]

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Recent Posts

  • Festival Fantasies

    by on October 14, 2015 - Comments Off on Festival Fantasies

    MAHALAYA……..opened the door of the entrance of the biggest festival for the Bengalis …. Perhaps I should rather say the the festival of festivals celebrated all over the world. Every individual with or without all the differences and hurdles of daily life eagerly waits for these four days of unlimited enjoyment. We, the Kalyanians also […]

  • Triphala – Light or Dark

    by on March 31, 2015 - Comments Off on Triphala – Light or Dark

    The implementation of the new light posts-triphala are conveying the message to the Kalyani people that the Municipal election has arrived This initiative was taken before but somehow did not work out to much extent and now the Kalyani Municipality is putting it back again. Though the beauty of these light posts-triphala are clearly visible […]

  • Unlike For Road Divider Blocks

    by on March 19, 2015 - 1 Comment

    Beautification is necessary for every town. Our Kalyani is naturally gifted in terms of beauty. It needed just some touch work to make it more beautiful. Kalyani municipality is putting their effort to keep Kalyani clean and doing some beautification . we are thankful to Kalyani municipality, but somehow few things are going wrong in […]

  • Kalyani Lake Park Toy Train

    New feathers in the crown: Kalyani Lake ...

    by on March 4, 2015 - Comments Off on New feathers in the crown: Kalyani Lake Park

    The value of Kalyani township lies in the hearts of all Kalyanians…. We are thankful again to the Kalyani Municipality for taking an initiative for the beautification of Kalyani lake park. Long time ago we were privileged for the establishment of Cafeteria and the boating facility at the Kalyani lake park by Kalyani municipality. Till […]

  • Water Booth

    Water Booth : A Divine Approach By Kalya...

    by on March 2, 2015 - Comments Off on Water Booth : A Divine Approach By Kalyani Municipality

    The heat of the summer has already started rising. We the people of Kalyani are really lucky to be under the careful eyes of the municipality and they have already arranged some refreshment of drinking water for the common people at almost all the bus stands of this beautiful Kalyani township. People can get cold […]