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Kalyani Saw Performances Of Zubin Garg, Shaan, Dev Sayantika

Cultutal Programme January 12, 2015

Shaan In Kalyani Mela

January was a month when Kalyani saw performances of many stars. In the Banga Sanskriti Utsav And Kalyani Mela at Central Park, Kalyani, Nadia we saw the majestic Shaan performing on 11th of January. It was a breath taking performance which kept the people of Kalyani spell bound and we will cherish the memory for long.
Shaan In Kalyani Mela
On 10th January we saw Zubin Garg performing in the West Bengal Government Youth Festival at ITI More ground Kalyani, Nadia. Zubin presented us with his hindi and bengali numbers.
Jubin Garg Dev Sayantika
On 11th January It was Dev Sayantika, when we saw majestic Dev and sweet Sayantika performing in the youth fest in ITI More ground, Kalyani, Nadia. People almost became mad to see their favorite hero and the programme was interrupted few times in order to control the maddening crowd. Overall Dev Sayantika entertained the crowd and the programme was a big hit.

Picture source: Facebook.

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